Flavor, Fresh and Simple

Inspired by culinary traditions of Mexico, your meal is prepared in-house and by hand, the way it’s meant to be. Whether it’s chopping produce, flame-grilling steak*, or hand-crafting guac, we don’t take shortcuts. That’s right, no microwaves or can-openers in our kitchens – just quality flavors you can feel great about.

In a stainless steel bow, avocados with their vibrant green flesh, yield effortlessly under gentle pressure, gradually blending into a creamy texture as they transform into a homemade guacamole. This scene embodies the artistry of crafting guacamole from scratch, ensuring a culinary masterpiece that delights the senses. Enjoy fresh, flavorful, homemade guacamole every day at QDOBA Mexican Eats.

Our Clean Label Pledge

You deserve the best-quality eats to satisfy your cravings – that’s why we ensure your favorite QDOBA ingredients are free of MSG, artificial colors, and many other additives we’ve pledged to avoid.

Meet Chef Katy!

Leading our culinary innovation is Executive Chef Katy Velazquez. She’s a James Beard award-winning, Emmy-nominated, lover of Mexican food. You may have caught her on National Geographic Channel and Food Network. Chef Katy has developed menus, opened restaurants, and written cookbooks, combining a passion for traditional Mexican flavors with modern preparation and technique.

Responsibly Sourced

The root of flavor stems from the source, and it’s our mission to bring you quality food through sustainable practices . From growing our produce and rice in the US, to our commitment to animal welfare and 100% cage-free eggs, we partner with suppliers who care as much as we do about quality, ethical practices, and sustainability.

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*Flame-grilled steak is available at most Qdoba locations.