Our Food

We create freshly-made, Mexican-inspired food crafted with contemporary flavors that guests crave. We believe that the most delicious flavors start with quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation, taking pride in preparing meals in our kitchens each day. Whether it’s chopping crisp produce, flame-grilling steak and chicken, or making hand-crafted guacamole, we don’t take shortcuts.

Chicken breast sizzle on a hot grill, flames licking its golden-brown surface. The golden-brown skin crackles under the intense heat, locking in juices and infusing the meat with a smoky aroma. Each tender bite promises a burst of flavor, from the rich umami of the meat to the subtle hints of seasoning.

Our Restaurants

When you walk into our restaurants, you'll be greeted with a warm welcome from our crew and be encouraged to enjoy yourself. You’ll also see ways in which we're contributing positively to the environment. To reduce plastic consumption, we use packaging like compostable bowls,* brown paper bags made from 100% recycled materials, strawless drink lids, and 100% recyclable cutlery. Making small changes such as these helps us and our communities get one one step closer to reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Our Flavor Family

Our restaurant teams are made up of flavorful people, embodying a diverse family with a wide range of passions. We hire from the communities that we serve, creating job opportunities for over 16,000 people. We proudly extend our philosophy of diversity and inclusion to our suppliers as well, incorporating a vendor-inclusion process that supports developing minority-owned businesses. Want to join the fun? We invite you to bring your flavor to our team.

Our Communities

We honor the communities we proudly serve by hosting fundraisers in over 700 local QDOBA restaurants. We also celebrate first responders by donating QDOBA food to frontline workers. By raising funds and providing more than 5 million meals to children, our partnerships with No Kid Hungry in the US and Toonies for Tummies in Canada have helped combat childhood food insecurity. We are proud to bring flavor to our guests by serving delicious food, and by supporting the communities we share.

A timeline graphic, divided into segments that represent significant events or milestones for the QDOBA brand.

*Compostable in industrial facilities. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. Not certified for backyard composting.